New User FAQs

REDBOOK is an online platform containing aviation intelligence, aircraft & engine values, market trends and global statistics.  REDBOOK clients have access to vital aircraft and engine information necessary to make smart investment decisions. Values and intelligence are in one comprehensive platform, eliminating the need for multiple sources of data.

Do I need anything special to use it?

All you need to use REDBOOK is an internet connection or a mobile phone.  Join us here!  Once you’re in, begin exploring intelligence and values immediately.  We’ll recommend great tips once you’re signed up.

What do I use REDBOOK for?

While everyone experiences REDBOOK differently, here are a few areas that might interest you to help you get started.

  • Aircraft: Get the latest news, values and statistics on the most commonly traded commercial aircraft.  Find values at half life, full life and in a soft market as well lease rates and allow for adjustments on values based on MSN or modifications made to the standard aircraft.
  • Engines: See the values for engines alongside specs.
  • Markets & Trends: Chart historical base and market values next to economic indicators.
  • Appraisals: Order a certified appraisal directly through the system from one of mba’s ISTAT certified appraisers.
  • Portfolio: Track investments over time, get access to publicly available transaction data and see where the market is moving.