Fleet UI Feature Guide

Fleet screen is divided into 3 modules:

  1. Graphs
  2. Grid (see note on grid re: feature set below)
  3. Hanger


There are 4 graphs visible on the screen, as in below image

In first graph there is a dropdown menu to select manufacturer and depending upon the selection 4 graphs will show the data like in above image Airbus is selected.
First graph show the status of all aircrafts of that manufacturer.
Second graph show top 5 aircraft models of manufacturer according to their market share and current market value.
Third graph show top 10 operators of selected manufacturer
Fourth graph represent the number of planes in each region


As shown in image above fleet is using AG-Grid to view details of all the available aircrafts in a grid/table format, AG-grid provide features to view/sort/filter data as described in below mention points:-

  1. Sortinguser can click on the header of any column to sort that column and do second click to reverse the sorting order like from A->Z to Z->A, to sort multiple columns at same time press ‘Shift’ button and select columns header using mouse click.
  2. Filtering user can filter data as we do in spreadsheets like excel, to enable filter option selection menu icon(3 horizontal lines) next to column name, a pop will open select second filter icon, as shown in red box in right side image, now either check/uncheck options or type the result in box above.On columns with number values
  3. only we can filter using conditions like equals, greater/less than, range and not equal.
  4. GroupingUser can group items in a column like we can use group by feature for manufacturers column to group data according to manufacturer, below image is a reference to implement group search.
  5. Searching User can search in any column by typing the item text in top edit box, this search is a custom search and not default feature of AG-Grid, as AG-Grid do not allow filter and searching both in one grid.
  6. Computation

Right click on grid and select tool panel. It will be displayed on the right side.Using tool Panel we can do aggregation like sum, avg, min, max. Just drag column to values section which is at the bottom. Check the pivot mode checkbox to display aggregation

We can also group no of columns and then apply aggregations.


Fleet grid is based on ag-grid license we have purchased(https://www.ag-grid.com/).  The tool is feature rich, and we are evaluating which are UI vallue.  To view its entire feature set follow the link to the ag-grid page and click demo.  Suggestions are welcome.


Its a portfolio of user in which he can add aircrafts of his choice which he want to check regularly.


Bookmark option is available from the option menu icon. User can filter desired aircraft by model , manufacture and then select list of aircraft by checking checkbox. after checking the list just go to the option menu and click bookmark. it will ask user to enter bookmark name. Once bookmark added it will be displayed along with hanger.